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Tasvir Tarh Aryana Printing Plant Establishment Project

Iran is one of the most consuming countries in the middle-east with approximately 70 millions of population. Iranian lifestyle, growth in population and living standards, rapid urbanization, diversification of consumer goods has all resulted in higher demand for packaging products.
Despite of essential needs in providing high quality packaging for different industries involved in consuming goods manufacturing, unfortunately, there are not some accountable providers of acceptable packaging for the manufacturers in some industrial areas. In the other hand, daily increasing demands of export for Iranian products are forcing the manufacturers to provide their required packaging needs via foreigner supplier in other countries such Turkey, Germany, UAE, etc.
The initial idea of Tasvir Tarh Aryana Printing center was based on high demands for providing of different drink bottles labels with some gold and silver effects. With consideration in absence of powerful providers in different field of packaging (paper, board, carton, corrugated board, flexible packaging, labels), the idea for establishment of Tasvir Tarh Aryana printing plant became wider.
In the mean time, there are about 1000 companies manufacturing various types of packaging materials in Iran. Most of the companies are medium and small-sized companies, but there are also a few large companies. Actually the majority of companies have not shown good performance in terms of quality and production capacity.
There are some main reasons supporting the necessity in establishment of such printing centers in different industrial areas of Iran:
Providing with cost-efficient and high quality packaging for different industries
Preventing further transferring of currency to abroad
Establishing around 100 new career for Iranian professionals
Internal sales development of goods which produced inside of the country
Development in export of internal-produced goods by supplying high quality packaging
Re-export possibility of external-produced goods

The main products…