The Importance Of Background To Values Exchange Community

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Background to Values Exchange Community
VALUES EXCHANGE (Vx) New User Information. This semester you will be introduced to the Values Exchange Community web-based decision-making tool. The Vx is a practical way to think deeply about issues relating to your current/future practice as well as everyday life.
The Vx offers several methods for thinking deeply about ethical issues; Cases, Surveys,
Polls, Conferences & Boards.
This handout provides some useful info for getting started plus some tips on how to respond to a ‘Case’. However the best way to familiarise yourself with the site is to logon and have a look around. After completing one or two cases, you will be very well equipped for using the tool for both learning and assessment.
For most of you, your lecturer will have pre-registered you before the start of semester.
They will have used the email address that you use for communicating with AUT. For most people this is a Gmail/hotmail account, although some of you may be using your aut email. This email is your login for the Vx and your password is values.
There may be a small number of students who have not been pre-registered. If you cannot logon or have enrolled for the semester after 27 February 2014 then please register on the
Vx site AND email your paper leader as your details will need to be assigned to the specific paper in which you are enrolled.
Failure to notify the paper leader will mean you are not given access to the correct Vx content – so this is very important.
Once you logon for the first time you’ll be required to provide some demographic information and you can then elect to change your password, load a photo and choose whether you will use your real name or a pseudonym.
One of the important ideas behind the Vx is values transparency. Once you have submitted your analysis all other users who have also completed the same cases can view your work. You are encouraged to use your own name however you do not have to.


Background to Values Exchange Community
The home page on the previous page shows a selection of current cases plus a search feature. By hovering over an image with your mouse you’ll be shown some background information about the case that may include links to relevant resources including websites or journal articles.
Most, if not all cases you will be required to respond to can be found within the Vx
Group for this class. Your paper leader will give you details of this Group and how to access it.
Click ‘Respond’ to start your analysis.
For each case there will be a proposal. It is this proposal that you will base your thinking on. There are no right or wrong answers; a ‘good’ answer is one that is well thought through and can be justified with clear reasoning.
There are three screens to work through (Basics, Reactions, Reasons) and these can be completed in any