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In celebration of ElleG’s previous successes in the personal electronics market, we have made the decision to hurdle into the market of small appliances. As champions in our current niche, we have been afforded the opportunity to create new concepts with the most innovative technology at our disposal. Coupling our innovations with cutting edge ideas, we have developed a new product to our distinguished line of personal appliances and would like to introduce the new ElleG “ABrew”. A single brew coffee system without the need for individual cups.

Support of Mission Statement
This product fully supports our steadfast mission of enabling consumers to improve the quality and convenience of their lives by providing high
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For example, Seattle is a hub for Amazon, more specifically the South Lake Union area of Seattle is where the target market live and work. We would market heavily in this area by setting up demos and displays in neighboring stores. Apartment buildings also tend to be in abundance, geographically in our target market. We could potentially create a partnership with the management companies, by offering discounts on mass quantity sales, thus allowing the building operators to offer the Abrew systems as a move-in incentive or part of the standard appliance package.

Analysis of Competitive Environment * Threat of New Entry
With a pending patent or limited duration patent, many other companies will be able to make their own variations of the single serve brewing machine using modifications of our technology and no disposable cup feature, which could drive away returning consumers.
We foresee threat from the current leading single cup brewer, which also has a strong name in the market. The threat to us is great due to limited technology protection. We can continue to make modifications and upgrades to stay ahead in the market. * Competitive Rivalry
There is currently one major competitor in the market, although several house hold brands have made similar products, they don’t necessarily pose as a threat because of their limited access to advanced technology or their names do not coincide with