W. F. Harvey's Suspense In August Heat

Words: 606
Pages: 3

W.F.Harvey creates suspense in August Heat by acknowledging the reader’s ignorance on what James best day will turn out to be. I was highly impressed by what ought his best day turned out to be. Percy D’Aco was correct when he stated “ Writers create suspense when a character we care about is in peril or must choose between the two dangerous courses of action. (Percy D’aco).”
James Clarence Withenrcroft is a healthy 40 year old who has never ever been ill. He just had his best day. James is an unsuccessful painter, however gets paid enough to please himself. “The room, though door and windows were open, was oppressively hot, and I had just made up my mind that the coolest and most comfortable place in the neighborhood would be the deep end of the public swimming bath, when the idea came.” (W. F. Harvey) This quote lets the reader know that it’s very
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“I rolled up the sketch, and without quite knowing why, placed it in my pocket. Then with the rare sense of happiness which the knowledge of a good thing well done gives, I left the house” (W.F. Harvey). I always find myself in James shoes. The feeling I receive,consequently , is different from James because he is under a very different kind of dimension. This is another way Harvey created suspense.
I was left saliva less when James turns out to see the man he sketched in real life. It was extremely odd yet, a bit pleasing. Since I had been eager to discover why he felt a good sensation when he saved his sketch in his pocket. My breath caught on fire when the tomb reads, “Sacred to the memory of James Clarence Withencroft ( W.F. Harvey).” I thought to myself whether James was a ghost since Mr. Atkinson states, “ And it was only the day before yesterday,” he said,” that I told Maria there were no such things as ghosts!” ( W.F. Harvey).” This was the highest peak of the author’s use of