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Informatics Consultant company
Chadeesia Dunkley
January 30, 2015
Kamal Dahbur
Information Technology Infrastructure | IST5010 S01

Informatics Consultant company
A health care informatics consulting company provides expertise in healthcare data standards, industry trends and data transformation methodologies to enable IT interoperability for data sharing and to satisfy requirements for meaningful use. Clinical informatics consultants are used by health care facilities that may want to undergo a transition to electronic medical records. Information technology consultant estimate, manage, implement, deplore and administer information technology for companies. Under the legislation of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act or the ARRA, the government has mandate all healthcare facilities to convert to an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system by 2015 (The Stimulus Package: Impacts on Healthcare, 2009). If healthcare facilities do not transition to new EMR systems, consequences such as monetary penalties and loss of Medicare reimbursement will occur. The primary goal of this transition is to decrease the cost of healthcare and increase the efficiency of patient care.
Business Structure
The business process would be conducted in four stages analyze, planning, implementation and evaluate. If a hospital wished to transition to a new electronic medical record system an information consulting company will be sought. At this time the company analyzes the readiness of the company to transition to new technology. Also at this time will analyze the resources needed to construct this transition. The planning stage would include the company and the end users representation speaking about what the hospital wants to be able to do with the software, such as features workflows and capabilities. The consultant would educate and advice the hospital of the best product to fit their needs. The next step would include the implementation of the electronic medical software. The consulting company will bring in their own staff to implement to EMR and train the end-users how to use the new system. A set date will be set to “Go- Live”. This is the day after all training is completed the transition to the new computer system starts. After a period of a month, the evaluation process will start. At this time the end-users success of utilizing the software will be examined. If more training is needed this can be implemented. The end users can also provide feedback on the system faults and obstacles (2014 HCI 100, 201).
Health care informatics companies were founded in the early 1990. The organization concentrated on optimizing the use of technology to allow companies to give cost –effective, and high efficient care. Epic a privately owned health care software was founded in 1979. The owner Judy Faulkner sold the product to the Kaiser Permanente hospital system. The In 2006, the company went internationally to Europe to train and explain the international health market. Just like Epic, Cerner, McKesson and other electronic medical records sell their product to hospitals,