W1 Assignment Native American and European Settlers Essay

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W1 Assignment “Native Americans and European Settlers”
Based on this passage, it is obvious that the European Settlers were looking for a place to settle together in the new world with their people, while also looking for additional land. This reading explores how the settlers wanted to be in control living by their own rules being their own rulers with no protection from the rulers already there. European settlers were able to get what they wanted because they were granted land by the queen, meaning cohabitation with their own people. In addition, the queen ruled they did not have to be ruled by any person and not be hostile to settlers because they were not the subject of this new land instead they were to rule themselves.
The first image demonstrated that people are hunting for deer using their bows and this done together. The people appear to be working together with the objective of hunting the deer in unison. The second image demonstrated people diligently working together making boats they planned on using. The people worked together making the boats which demonstrates team work. The third image displays the setting of a town and how the people in the town lived and prepared to use the land for crops. This shows people living and working together without hostility. All three images display how the people worked together to build and refine their territory, while showing the end result when people work hard at different tasks for survival. These are examples of the Native Americans working together in unison throughout their activities. They were able to live together without physical division of their land, example homes were not divided by fences, and there was a respect for boundaries. There was quite a bit of land, but this never