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In the 21st century, technology is at its greatest prime ever before that it has become intertwined in our everyday lives. This is clearly evident as I documented how often I used media in my life for 3 days. Throughout this duration, the majority of media I accessed is by either my laptop or my phone; which depicts that although print media is still present among us today, it is obsolete. Among all the media I accessed, social media seems to be the predominant use, which was increasingly difficult to record the time period because of how frequent and quick each use was.
Media has increased in form throughout the years but the channels needed to effectively access media has narrowed down to only a significant couple. Computers and phones can now display any type of media needed with a click of a button. The convenience of access has led to an increasingly connected population, which has consumed my life from the moment I wake up to the moment I go to bed. Through the convenience of my phone with its proliferating applications (e.g. imessage, viber, whatapp, line, etc.), interpersonal communication has become very productive, particularly with social media applications. Of all the social media I used, Facebook was most dominant, followed by either Instagram or snapchat. I believe Facebook is predominant because it encompasses all forms of communication, from intrapersonal to interpersonal to group to mass communication, allowing us to easily share our lives and stay connected to a heterogeneous audience.
Another form of media that is not predominant in my everyday life but one of my favourite forms of entertainment is Youtube. Youtube is a form of mass communication that targets anonymous audiences around the globe. It is a good example of a publicity model of mass communication because it is a platform for people who would like to start off their lives and easily become famous by getting people to subscribe to videos of their lives, music, entertainments, challenges and many more different genres.
In conclusion, this week’s media log has emphasized one of the 7 truths about media, which is “the media are essential components of our lives”. Media consumption has been become slightly obsessive that even antisocial behavior, such as being on the