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Ethics Reflection Paper
Christine Lopez
University of Phoenix
Mr. Robert Cantu

Ethics Reflection Paper
A company reflects its mission; the mission in turn reflects the company’s entrance to social responsibility. Serving several groups of stakeholders may become difficult. Each group contains personal interests and expectations of the company. Through several steps a company can identify, understand, reconcile and coordinate the demands to define its social responsibility.
The Role of Ethics in Strategic Planning
Reflecting critically and actively on ethical issues is an obligation of every professional. Ethics guarantee that an organization accomplishes its mission, vision, goals, and objectives in a manner that will give a business a sense of direction and framework. Ethics ensure guidelines are created that bind the entire organization into one common thread, govern the action of the organizational employees, and avoid deviation from the desired strategic path. Ethics ensure that strategic plan is prepared as per the best interest of all a company’s stakeholders, whether employees, vendors, customers or even the society in which the organization operates.
Adhering to the highest possible ethical standards, and integrating these ethics into their strategic planning, can build a good corporate image in front of all the stakeholders of the organization. Integrating and planning goes beyond compliance problems and disciplinary policies in order to manage integrity.
Ethical Perspective
As I advance in my studies I have learned how to no longer think like an employee, but a manager. Changing my ethical perspective to work toward becoming a exemplary role model with professional standards and a continued focus on quality performance. Previously I worked for someone and felt as though I had to be better than my colleagues, as I continued through my studies I quickly realized how important it is to create opportunities for my team members and respect everyone’s interests. I consider the rules and regulation that were set in place but at