W2A1 Hospitality Essay

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Teala Grayson
Dr.Gaye Warren
Week2 Assignment1
Service in the Hospitality Industry In this description of hospitality I am going to answer a couple questions. They will answer how I feel about hospitality. Also I will tell about some personal experiences that I have experienced. Just like any other industry of any kind there is positive and negative sides to everthing.
What Quality Service Means to Me As a hospitality professional I believe that hospitality should be about making a pleasurable experience for every single customer. That would include making a desirable visit for a guest by greeting them with a nice bright smile, not one where they can tell your not really wanting to be there. You should be able to answer any questions or get a manager that can answer whatever the needs or questions are for the customer or guest. Also the needs of the guest or customer should always be a main priority and definitely not put off for any reason to be accidentally forgotten. To forget their needs would mean poor hospitality an meeting the requirements that any and every restaurant or hotel is supposed to meet.
Importance of Service The main importance of hospitality service is not only in food service or just greeting them, a lot of times the ones behind the scene, so to speak, get little to no credit. The actual chefs that make your food and the dishwasher to keep your plates clean and stocked, but I am really talking about the overall cleanliness of the hotel/restaurant. In a hotel no one thinks about the person(s) that have to stay in a room washing, drying, folding and placing all of the sheets, blankets, towels and rags that most people use an inconsiderate amount of. Also the houseman and house keepers that all work together to make sure they get the hotel and hotel guest rooms clean as possible and if there is an indoor pool or any other areas. This is all done to meet and try to exceed the requirements and also the expectations of all the guests to make them have a wonderful visit, to recommend to others, and of course come back to visit themselves.
Example of Customer Service Well most of my customer service experiences have not been outstanding. There will always be good and bad experiences in basically anything and everything not just customer service, It may not be necessarily in a hotel or restaurant it could be just a general business. I have received good and bad customer service from Wal-Mart, which is a worldwide industry. It is sad to say though I usually receive poor customer service from most of the stores I have been to. They just barely do meet requirements, if they reach them. I have been to a Wal-Mart in many different states and…