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Wendy Croft
Graphic Design Artist

The graphic design artist career field can be as varied and or as structured as you would like; from Multimedia graphic artists to Visual Information specialists. In this paper I will explain the general employment outlook, how well the career pays, how new graphic design is, what training is required, and the potential for advancement.
First let’s talk about what job opportunities there are in the area from Virginia Beach to the Washington DC. According to the USA Jobs and Career builder websitess there are numerous job openings, depending on what you want to do in graphics design. While searching jobs I came across numerous openings, depending on your experience and locale that would be quite interesting. The Department of Labor (DoL) states that the graphic design career field can be very competitive. This is due to the outsourcing of many basic design jobs to overseas locations. So I believe that wWhile the opportunities might not be overly abundant for lower level design artists, I believe I will be able to find something in order to gain the needed work experience. Now on to hHow profitable is the graphic design artist profession? CB salary states that the average for salary in the Newport News area is around $28,578 a year to start out., whereas tThe DC and VAa Beach areas average $37,423 a year. Several of the job openings that I have reviewed, from both USA Jobs and Career Builder, range anywhere from $18,000 to $36,000 a year for beginning artists.  I would like to talk about hHow new is this career field to the market? Well tThe concept in digital graphics might not by be that old, but, the graphic design field has been around for a long time. Ever since people have made products there has been a need to advertise the product so that sales go up. The design artists can makejob is to help you visualize what the product is without seeing the name. several Two examples are the Nike swoosh, and the Pepsi logo. just about everyone knowsMany people can recognize what company that those icons represent. Most of the jobs that I researched did require a bachelor’s degree in graphic arts. Although one or two jobs only required an associates degree in order to start out on the technical side. Of course all of them wanted you the candidate to have a good working knowledge of at least two of the Adobe products. So theMy best bet would to acquire a part time job as a graphic artist assistant while I’m I am still