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Chelsea Lozano Philosophy 25 June 30, 2015 Writing Assignment 1 The legalization of marijuana has been one of many controversial topics across the United States. Although there have been many objections to the legalization of marijuana, it should be legalized for both medical and recreational use in California. Even though the reasons for opposing marijuana are valid, there are many benefits to making marijuana legal. It benefits those who suffer from medical issues or are in pain, is far less risky to humans and their health, and can prove beneficial to, not only our state, but our country’s economy as well. In regards to legalizing it for medical use, marijuana could easily help many people who suffer or experience many types of diseases or illnesses. For those who experience anxiety, it can change their mood into a positive one and allow them to relax. For those who deal with insomnia, certain strains of marijuana can grant them the ability to fall asleep quickly and peacefully. It can elevate someone’s mood if they suffer from depression and help with any type of physical pain, such as back pain, or pain resulting from a disease someone may have, such as chemotherapy for cancer. Marijuana alleviates someone’s pain and helps them deal with any pain or suffering they may have, even if it is only temporary. It is also reasonable to legalize marijuana for recreational use because it is poses less of a threat to humans than other dangerous, legal drugs. Both alcohol and nicotine can be used as an example. Consumption of alcohol can lead to erratic and dangerous behavior, blackouts, injuries, and liver disease while nicotine can easily damage your lungs, brain, teeth, heart, and

give you heartburn or gallstones. There is no evidence of deaths due to the use of marijuana nor does it cause any type of disease. If substances such as alcohol or nicotine remain legal for recreational use but are able to kill many people every…