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Globalization is many countries are become one world with various aspects. The first of the positive aspects of globalization is economic development. Economic development causes the improvement of the accessibility of information and communication technology which has been accelerating the globalization. For example, Face-Time, which is one of the useful applications in Apple products makes people communicate with others easily even though they live in different countries. These days, information and communication technology are used by many companies which have branches all over the world. It enables the companies to have a meeting whenever and wherever they want to improve their companies that are located around the world. In addition, the economic development supports the increase of international trade. Therefore, WTO (World Trade Organization) has been organized. It imposes the same tariff for the countries who joined the WTO. It increases the export competitiveness and causes trade between countries. Because of this, customers can have a variety of selection and buy quality products at a low price. For example, if we go to a market to buy some product in the U.S, there would be huge selections from different countries such as, Asia or Europe. And, It allows people to select fresh and cheap product at low cost. In addition, disease, terrorism and each country’s unanswered problems can be solved quickly by suggesting alternatives from all countries of the world across the border or supporting volunteering groups such as WHO (World Health Organization) and UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund). Globalization leads to economic benefits for countries and provides a better life for people. The second aspect of globalization is promoting cultural exchange between nations. While people journey across the border, their native values are followed with others. One of advantages in the cultural exchange is that people can experience other countries’ culture, easily. For example, there are many social network services where people can experience other countries’ cultures such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. As we can see, the young generation tends to share their lives with others on the SNS (Social Network…