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Hiring Illegal Immigrants In today’s time, there are many incidences in which they relate to Kyles current situation. Kyle is an entrepreneur and holds the stress of running and operating his produce business. Naturally, costs such as, fuel, fertilizer, and supplies continue to rise. He knows he must cut expenses down, as best as he possibly can. Hiring undocumented workers could help the situation. Even though, it is currently illegal if caught, Kyle could easily face civil and criminal punishment. We are in a time where our presidential administration is pushing to legalize the hiring of undocumented workers and face no penalties. Recently Obama passed an Executive Order for Illegal Immigration, this new immigration policy could potentially grant around 3.5 million illegal aliens to be able to work in the U.S. and face no punishment. Basically, with our president and Executive Branch pushing for legalization of granting work permits for these aliens our “laws” that we currently have to restrict illegal immigrants are not being enforced. Kyle should consider the pros and cons when pondering the relationship of “law” and “business ethics”. He should also think about society’s perception of business ethics and social responsibility of business enterprise. By hiring an undocumented worker, it is less expensive than having to hire a native, or documented worker and you can pay them under the table, and provide no special benefits like insurance. In 2011 Alabama passed the strictest immigration laws in the country. Within two years of being passed, illegals that left the state when enacted had already returned due to it not being policed. Another important aspect to look at, is when you pay indigent families, it helps to put money back in to our nation’s economy, they would be a liability to America’s taxpayers. Without a cash flow reaching these aliens they would be unable to reach their needs while in the U.S. and likely resort to crime to get what they want, in order to survive. The Equal Protection clause could also possibly regulate Kyle’s business activities. It states that it business owners make no distinction in its text between the protections it affords citizens and