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Topic: Identify all the ways that people interact with mountains.

People interact with mountains in all the possible ways because mountains are in all parts of this world. "Mountains can be found on all continents and at all altitudes, from near sea level up to the highest place on earth - the summit of Mount Everest (Sagarmatha or Qomolangma), on the border between Nepal and the Tibet Autonomous Region of China."

Mountains have much to offer such as water, because most of the rivers come from the mountains, and it is good for the agriculture, and the people who live close to them. Another resource the mountains offer are wood or charcoal that help people survive to with basic needs such as making bread, or, to a higher extent, such as building a house.

Mountains are also a part of the economics of some places or countries that have the right to exploit them through tourism and mining resources. These mountains contain many resources to serve businesses or to industrialize. Natural resources that the mountains provide for those who live near them might be water, forest areas, wood, hydroelectric power, and many other minerals. The mountains could be the best option to get future benefits for people living around them. For instance, in my case, I like the nature, walking the mountain trails, and interacting with it. These things make me reflect about the beauties of the mountain.

Usually, some people like walking into the mountains as part of their connection with nature, while others like to study the ecosystem of the mountains. Also, walking in the mountains invites you to feel completely at peace. These mountains may provide a connection of the human body with the natural mountains. The fact of knowing that mountains provide our life with benefits improving our health or our…