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Gun Control in America

April 29th 2013

Gun Control in America
The Second Amendment of our US constitution is in place for a good reason. In 1939 Adolf Hitler disarmed the people of Nazi Germany just before he rounded up and slaughtered millions of unarmed civilians. Our country’s founding fathers put the second amendment in place as a means to protect the people from its own government. The second amendment is quoted as “A well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” Over history unarmed civilizations have fallen prey over and over again to tyrannical leaders. Our second amendment puts the true power in the hands of the people. If the case that the government became too powerful , the people would have the ability to stand up for their freedom. Our founding fathers never intended for there to ever be a large government, in fact that is what they wanted to prevent. The people today are afraid of losing their right to protect themselves. As politicians race to pass anti-gun legislation the people are frantically purchasing as many firearms and as much ammunition as possible. This has unfortunately driven up the cost of both firearms and ammunition. People who enjoy shooting sports are now suffering because ammunition is now increasingly difficult to find and in some cases prices have gone up over 100 percent.

Just like all other countries the United States have their own guns laws. Currently there is a huge debate among Americans gun control and what laws should be changed, but as of right now here are some of the current laws in effect in the United States. Right to carry or also known as RTC is the right for all American’s the right to self-defense. This in turns allows all
American’s the right to carry firearms for protection. Currently there are 40 states who recognize the Right to Carry law and 37 of those states have the "shall issue" law. This requires all
American’s that live in those particle states to carry permits that are issued to applicants who meet all standards established by the state legislature. Right to Carry has been proven that it decreases the rate of crime. Since 1991 there has been less crime, but when more states adopted the “shall issue” law violent crimes increased dramatically. Studies show that victims of a dangerous situation such as a robbery, or assault who used a gun to resist the enemy where less likely to be attacked and or suffer a life threatening injury. Victims that used any other means of protection or those who did not resist where more likely to have more harm enforced onto them.
Some of the requirements for an American to purchase a firearm are that he or she must have a valid license or permit. Once the firearm is purchased that person must register that certain firearm with the police or with another law enforcement agency. Another law that some states have is that there are restrictions on certain semi-automatic weapons, also known as
“assault weapons” that you may own. Along with that law there is also another one on magazines, and that they can only hold a certain amount of rounds of ammunition. Almost each state has their own set of gun control laws, here are some of the different laws that each state have. In California all firearm sales such as gun shows, loans, and private sales must go through a licensed California firearms dealer. Also if you were wishing to purchase a firearm in the state of California you must complete an application with a licensed firearm dealer before the firearm can be sold, this is the same rule that you must complete to be able to transfer a firearm in