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Date: June 17, 2015
To: Ms. Sarah Robinson
From: Chenise Wade
Subject: Strategic Plans for Hiring and Training Issues

Last week the company lost yet another valuable client due to the negligence of two workers who lacked the knowledge to correctly perform the job. This memorandum analyzes the hiring and training problems within the company. The recommended solutions will improve operational efficiency in order to maintain profitability. A new role of strategic business partner for Human resources managers and the benefits of the proposed role will also be examined.
It has come to my attention that the company is experiencing a drop in clientele because the quality of our service does not meet their level of expectations. The recent hires are lacking the skills and qualifications to effectively perform the landscaping assignments. Our Field Manager, Tom Harrelson also lacks the required training necessary to perform his job. The concern is not only to find good field workers but good managers as well. Employing our human resource managers as a strategic business partner will allow them to meet the company’s needs in terms of training and development, and plan new hiring strategies.
Discussion on Training and Development
Affording Human resource managers the opportunity to sit in on business meetings will give them insight into the business and the knowledge to hire the right people. Existing employees lacking in expertise shouldn’t necessary be fired, but fixed on the path to correction. Their lack of training has resulted in a loss of production, clientele, and interactions between personnel and staff. This has impacted Green Wave in terms of profitability.
“A study performed by the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) found that 41 percent of employees at companies with poor training planned to leave within the year, but in companies with excellent training, only 12 percent planned to leave. (Leigh Branham, The 7 Hidden Reasons Why Employees Leave (New York: American Management Association, 2005), 112–5” (Creative Commons, 2012).
To lessen the costs connected with not training or undertraining, implementation of training curriculums can relieve some of the risk. Some training strategies to consider are in-house training, outside training or mentoring.

Discussion on Hiring Strategies
A business meeting with Human Resource managers should be held to strategize new hiring methods. There are a variety of options that the company can utilize since finding reliable and quality labor has been a challenge. Tony Bass of Super Lawn Technologies who is an expert on finding, training and retaining employees recommends to “Take advantage of a multitude of strategies all year long. Advertise online, have an ongoing recruiting presence at two- and four-year schools, participate in job fairs, and become resourceful using cost-effective recruiting strategies” (Bass, 2015).
Conclusions and Recommendations
Getting our Human Resource Professionals out of the office and into the business meetings as strategic partner will bring them into line with the…