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Wadra Walker
Soci 115-101
April 16, 2015

The Power-conflict perspective clearly states how groups in society are linked to a constant power struggle with cultural, economic, and social resources. Many feel as though by a person being a certain race or their social status issues with law enforcement gets handles differently. This is called differential justice. There are a lot of issues in today’s world where differential justice is being addressed.
With society being divided into two different groups the communities are becoming concerned. These two groups are dominant and subordinate groups. It’s quite certain that things that happen to individuals that belong to the subordinate groups don’t happen to dominate groups. Dominate groups have access to and control over society’s resources. They can achieve their goals and also impose rules. Many people who are a part of this group are people we consider important like judges, policeman, the mayor etc. Subordinate groups have less access and control over society’s resources. So therefore they have less power and often their opinions aren’t heard. For example myself, I am a normal citizen who words every day and attends school. If I was to charges for a serious crime it would be broadcasted on the news or in the newspaper. If the same crime was committed by someone of a much higher social class it would be viewed differently if it was to get broadcasted. Their crime could also be covered up as well. In this pass week a policeman killed a man as he was running away. The cop who shot the man stated that it was self-defense that the man had a tazor. Had not another civilian recorded the incident on their mobile phone to prove what actually taken place the cop would not be charged with