Wag the Dog Essay

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Wag the Dog

In today’s dynamic world we rely on different sources of information using varieties of information technologies. We depend on the various mass media for information about events in and outside of the United States. This information influences, and often shapes the view of our country and the world, and helps us determine the position on issues that affect us. The media indeed shapes our reality. Media is and will always be the conductor between a government and the people they govern. We the people are the ones that believe and trust in most cases the information that we receive. Especially when this information comes from a seemingly trusted source, we tend not to doubt anything that we hear. A very good example of
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He was trying to make the president look good; he outright lied to the American people. He did whatever he could do to get the American citizen’s attention off the sex scandal. He confirmed the stereotype that people in power do whatever they need to do to make their clients look good. Whether it is lying, cheating, stealing, or even creating an imaginary conflict with another country.
There were many stereotypical non-verbal cues given by Winifred Aimes (Anne Heche), the female member of the team who was the president’s assistant. In contrast of Conard she was trying to stay ethical throughout the whole movie by trying to follow the legal aspect of the problem. Her first reaction to Conard’s idea for a war was negative, but she was easily convinced by him that this would be the best way of distracting the media’s attention. She also wanted to make sure that they do not hire any illegal immigrants because that is against the law. In such a difficult situation she chooses to stay loyal to her organization and to protect the good name of the President. She gave the appearance of stress and verbal despair whenever things didn’t go as planned. When she found out that the “war hero” Sergeant William Shumann was actually a convicted insane rapist that must be heavily medicated at all times, she was the one that showed fear and doubt that the plan would work. On the other hand Conrad remained calm and focused on a way to make the situation work. His