Wage Gap Research Essay

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There are two ways organizations configure career outcomes, which affects the wage gap and other inequalities. First, organizations create contingencies that comes different rewards. These organizations integrate and differentiate these rewards into different categories such as, financial and promotional. Second, organizations match employees to these positions utilizing decision makers and the policies and procedures that they personate. As a result opportunities are created through the structure created and rewarded on an unequal basis. “Most of the estimated gender wage discrimination actually arises from gender segregation along occupational/job title lines that are not precisely measured in the wage models.” (Shatnawi) Thus, the wage gap …show more content…
“For workers with a high school diploma who had not attended college, median earnings ($668) were a little more than half of the earnings of those with a bachelor’s degree or higher. Those with some college or an associate’s degree ($761) made just under two-thirds of what workers with a bachelor’s degree or more made.” A higher education increases earnings by almost half, however education does not exactly mean equal pay. Employees with the least amount of education have a slimmer pay gap, especially those that work in service positions such as food services and warehouse positions, therefore having a lack of education affects most about the same. Women typically outnumber men in college, in 2011, especially in the black community. For the first time ever women surpassed men in the total number of college graduates by one million. “But for all the gains in education, a gap persists in the marketplace when it comes to earnings.” Today, women are 33 percent more likely to receive a college degree; despite this, they will still more than likely be paid less. Nonetheless, earnings for women with a bachelor’s degree have increased 31 percent since 1979 and just 15 percent for