Wage Inequality In America

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An economy is the wealth and resources of a country or region, especially in terms of the production and consumption of goods and services. America’s economy faces a lot of economic issues that can bring it down or make it prosper. A hand full of those issues are major, they include wage inequality, immigration, healthcare, and economic deficit. These four major problems connect and affect each other. Wage inequality is when wages are distributed unevenly among a population. Gender or race biases, immigrants being taken advantage of, and big companies abusing lower level works can cause this. In the United States, rates of wage inequality have grown considerably since the late 1970s. Measuring wage inequality helps us see the apparent differences …show more content…
With jobs being limited and only low income but tedious jobs are available, immigrants are only left to take these jobs or get paid under the table for small labor jobs. Many citizens believe immigrants take jobs from “real American citizens”. But in reality they fill empty positions that many “real American citizens” refuse to take or think is beneath them. Many Latina/Latino immigrants have to stand on corners and wait for work to find them. After doing such work, they get paid less then half of what they deserve. With low education, limited opportunities and a hard and long legalization process immigrants are kept down. They are systematically set up to stay in low socioeconomic lifestyles. Therefore, immigration increases the ratio of wage inequality because the lower class grows as the high upper class stays the same.
With low paying jobs and under the table pay from wage inequality, immigrants are struggling to get healthcare. They surely cannot afford the healthcare on their own. ERs, doctor visits, and hospitals are out of the questions. The main and only source of relief are drug stores and low rate clinic. They are forced to go to bad and low funded clinics that cant help with many
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In an economy a deficit is an excess of expenditures over revenue in a given time period. Deficits are caused by debts, more spending than actual funds. The measure of the public debt is the value of the outstanding Treasury securities at a point of time that have been issued by the Treasury and other federal government agencies. Over spending and bad allocation causes debt. As previously stated, debt and deficit is connected with wage inequality because the government spends money on programs for low-income families. One of the programs that the government runs for low-income families is Obama care healthcare. The government also allocates resources towards immigrants.

As we can see from several examples, the economy has four major problems that go in a continuous cycle and feed off each other. This is a lesson on how everything impacts each other. Deficit cannot be resolved without healthcare being available for everyone Healthcare cannot be for everyone if wage inequality is prevalent in our country. Wage inequality cannot stop until the low class and immigrates are treated