Us Had The Strongest Economic Relations With The Allied Nations In 1914

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Mahdi Adittya
76) US had the strongest commercial ties with the Allied countries in 1914 since they traded about $824.860237 worth of things with them, more than US traded with any other group.
77) Based on the graph I can conclude that US had terrible relations with the central powers, because US traded the least amount of items with them, a worth of $169,289,775, less than they did with any other groups.
78) US would had entered the war with the allied power, since they traded the most with them, therefore US would need to protect their interests.
79) Commercial relations deteriorated rapidly from 1914 to 1916 because in 1914 US traded about $169289775 then in 1915 US traded about $11,878,153 worth of things, and finally in
1916 US traded about $1,159,653 with the central powers.
80) The german embassy placed this to warn the US citizens about the risks of getting into a ship. 81) Yes since the ship was by France which was an ally of Great Britain. Lusitania was destroyed by german U Boat.
82) The notice is addressing the american citizens, which warns about the ongoing war and how it is also being fought in the sea
83) The notice addresses about the danger of getting into allied ships, while the ship on the right was an allied ship that was destroyed by the German.

84) The American public’s opinion had a very large role in US decision to enter the war. At first
America was divided on whether to get involved and if so with what side. It helped to gain sympathy that the British spoke English and that the Germans were attacking American ships with the U­boats. The American public was outraged by the Zimmerman Telegram which proposed Germany bringing Mexico into the war and helping them regain lost territories should hostilities break out. The biggest thing that