Waikato District Council Position Description Essay

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Asset Maintenance Officer Reserves Team Leader May 2010

PRIMARY PURPOSE To maintain and report on the condition of Council amenities and facilities such as toilets (excluding cleaning), playgrounds, buildings, and reserves checking for vandalism and carry out necessary repairs as required. Carry out the removal of Graffiti on all council amenities and facilities. POSITION IN ORGANISATION (show where this position sits in the organisation) Chief Executive General Manager, Water and Facilities Facilities Manager Reserves Team Leader Asset Maintenance Officer DELEGATIONS OF AUTHORITY Nil LEVEL OF BUDGET MANAGEMENT Nil

ORGANISATION JOB CONTEXT (describe the job as it fits within the overall context of the organisation) This position is responsible for: Providing inspection and maintenance services so that Council facilities and amenities are safe and functional at all times and the appearance of amenities is always neat and tidy. Assisting the Wainui Farm Manager in the farming operations as directed and to ensure that the farm is well presented (Raglan only). This includes but is not limited to: - Recommending and using new ways to streamline functions, remove waste and avoid duplication. - Delivering high quality services to our customers. - Actively supporting the 'enquiry management' approach by being responsive to, and taking ownership of requests that resolve customer’s queries and issues. - Supporting customers through regulations and legislation while still meeting legal requirements. - Building successful working relationships with peer and colleagues. The staff member will work closely with their Manager and peers to ensure cross organisation teams are successful, policies and procedures are implemented, budgets and timeframes are met and organisational behaviours are demonstrated. JOB ENVIRONMENT (describe the legislation, rules, instructions and procedures the position holder needs to work within) The position requires the position holder to exercise judgement without reference to others (in some instances) in determining work priorities and how to undertake repairs and maintenance. It also requires the position holder to work to a routine maintenance roster, but be flexible to being able to respond to urgent situations when the need arises. The position holder occasionally has to liase with the public from time to time. The position holder needs to meet Department Performance Indicators as outlined in LTCCP.

Asset Maintenance Officer – June 09
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KEY FUNCTIONAL RELATIONSHIPS AND SKILLS Internal Who Nature/Skills Required Manager or Team Leader Providing feedback, discussion about workload, issues Staff Members Providing feedback, discussion about workload, issues Council and Committees Providing information as required Executive Team members Providing information or input when required External Who General Public Other Authorities eg Police, local Iwi etc

Frequency D D M W

Nature/Skills Required - Respond to queries - Provide technical advice - Respond to queries

- Provide technical advice and assistance

Frequency D D D W

Describe the highest levels of communication or influencing skills required - Ensuring effective working relationships with peers, managers and customers so that work can be carried out on time and within budget. - Support others, or write themselves reports on key issues for the Executive Team or Council. - Responding to upset customers in the field and addresses non complying activity that contravenes the Reserves and Beaches bylaw WORK COMPLEXITY (describe the most challenging duties typically undertaken) - Contributing to the culture at Council, by demonstrating behavioural competencies and encouraging others to do the same. - Make customers and the wider Council the focus in daily work. - Making an assessment of a situation in the field and making a recommendation (often over the