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During my research of the afghan government I came across a large variety of new knowledge. The one thing that really stood out to me was that the people of Afghanistan had their human rights violated ever since the have been a country. Only now are they taking their first step to independence. As I began my research I went back to the first government that Afghanistan ever had as a country. I learned that for centuries Afghanistan has had nothing but a very strict Muslim monarchy. Thanks to the monarch the people of the country have lived in extreme poverty. It wasn’t until the late 1900's that the monarch was replaced by the soviet influence. Although I found out that the communist system allowed women to have an education and the poverty decreased a little the country was still in tumult. There were many Muslims who strictly opposed communism leading to extreme measures against the soviets causing many civilian deaths. So now instead of only living in poverty they also have to live in constant fear of being killed. Onward, when the soviets finally left, the Taliban took over the government. By far, the Taliban were the harshest leaders of Afghanistan. Not only were they violent and maintained the poverty but they were extremely traditional and strict. They were completely opposed to music and fun of any kind and violated all of women's rights. Slowly each of the governments Afghanistan has had was getting worse and worse. A government in a country is meant to protect to protect the rights of its people. In conclusion, the most important thing I took from my research was that each of the governments in Afghanistan by all means did NOT protect its people. The Afghan people have had a very hard time growing as a community all because of the people in power of them. It is unacceptable that the people in charge of a country care more about themselves than its people; this is an important problem that should be changed.

As I read both the book and articles about my subject I came to one conclusion; when Hosseini wrote the novel, his intentions were definitely not only to show how hard life was for the afghan people, but specifically, afghan women. While I was researching I understood that Afghanistan as a whole has had a very hard past in general. The government’s that they have had were unsupportive and mainly oppressive of the people in the country. Despite that, the women have always had the hardest time living in Afghanistan. This is true simply because most of the leaders in the country have been strict and Muslim. The author of the book tries to communicate this idea by putting the…