Waiting For Superman Analysis

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The movie “Waiting for Superman” talks about how the public school system is failing students in many different ways. In fact, it was stated that public schools in urban areas are like dropout factories. There were five children represented in the movie to show how exactly public schools have failed them. The movie suggested that the solution to fixing the education system in America is to create more charter schools. The idea represented was that some children do not have the opportunity to attend private schools and charter schools give students an opportunity to attend an independent school that is publicly funded. The movie “The Inconvenient Truth behind Waiting for Superman” challenged the topics that were stated in “Waiting for Superman”. The two movies do agree when it comes to noticing that the public school system is failing, but the solutions are completely different. The Inconvenient Truth behind Waiting for Superman suggests that public schools are failing, because of bad teachers. These teachers’ jobs are protected by powerful teacher unions. Because of them students are getting lower test scores, which ultimately causes more students to drop out. This movie suggests to fire more bad teachers and pay more to the good teachers so that public schools overall can be better. This way all students are given a …show more content…
The movie used five sad stories to show how charter schools could work, which helped build an emotional aspect. Also, the movie only showed the positives of charter schools, which made the idea presented look like a perfect solution. It did not show how charter schools were collocating with public schools. Overall, “Waiting For Superman” was a very biased and one sided movie, but it was clearly filmed to catch the eye of the viewer. I say this because I agreed with the movie until I watched “The Inconvenient Truth behind Waiting for