Waiting For Superman Essay

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Waiting for Superman
There are a number of barriers that can prevent children from receiving a high quality education. One young student interviewed in the film, Anthony, has lost his father. If this isn’t bad enough, Anthony’s mother abandoned him, leaving him without anyone to tell him the importance of an education. Another student, Francisco, has a teacher that won’t let his mother become involved with academic career. As a result, she doesn’t know which areas Francisco is succeeding or failing in. Francisco also goes to the third most overcrowded school in the Bronx, which can make it difficult for him to receive extra help from his teacher.
Parents should be actively involved within their child’s academic career. Involved parents should attend parent-teacher conferences so they know how their child is doing in school. They will be able to learn what their child’s strengths and weaknesses are. Involved parents should also help their child with any homework assignment. Finally, they should motivate and support their child throughout their time at school. Students that have involved parents can earn higher grades and attend school regularly.
I don’t agree with that
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I learned that what schools students go to is determined by a lottery. A lot of students’ futures are determined by these lotteries. I also learned that even though the United States is behind in math, reading, and science, we’re first in confidence. Finally, I learned that charter schools can be a solution to public school education. What shocked me most about the film is tenure. When a teacher receives tenure, it restricts the ability to fire a teacher. Some teachers who receive tenure feel as though they no longer need to teach. One of the major things that I could relate to in the film is the experience of a charter school. I would like to think that charter schools have a higher quality of education than that of a public