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Deanna DeLiguori
Sociology 201
Waitress Interview

Part I: Social Setting

A. Chili’s Restaurant: Republic Plaza, 901 NY-110 Farmingdale, NY 3:00 pm About 45 minutes

B. At the time I went it wasn’t yet dinner time and about 3 hours after lunch time so it wasn’t that crowded which I thought would be the perfect time to go so the waitress would have time to sit down with me not feeling rushed. There were about 15 tables being used sporadically around the restaurant. No one was waiting to be seated.

C. When I walked into Chili’s I immediately noticed it was over heated because when I walked in it felt like I entered a sauna. The background music was mostly today’s pop hits since Chili’s is just that type of restaurant. I expected the music to be today’s pop hits because I couldn’t see Chili’s having classical or opera music playing in the background. The restaurant seemed very clean, what I’m saying is you wouldn’t walk in and look around with disgust. I personally think Chili’s is a very chill, cool and fun atmosphere and I enjoyed my stay for the time I was there.

D. Some “Backstage Areas” of this restaurant were obviously the kitchen and where the employees hang out if the restaurant was a ghost town or if they didn’t have a shift.

E. I luckily sat at a table with the waitress that was kind of close to the kitchen so I tried my best to hear and see as to what was going on. It is much different because the people cooking and working in the kitchen aren’t on “display” to the customers. I’m sure the cooks can talk and do things that the waiters and waitresses would never do “on stage”.

Part II: The Waitress

Name, approximate age & education: The waitress’s name is Christine. I personally think she is in her early 20’s. Christine told me that she just finished two years at Nassau and now she is studying at Molloy College to become a teacher.

1. I think you can't spot a good tipper by just looking at them, but you know a good tipper when you get to the table and begin to interact. For instance, people that are usually polite, friendly, and appreciative to waitresses/waiters are usually good tippers. People that appreciate good service will show it in cash.

2. The biggest tip I received was $50. It was a table of guys during football season. I was able to chat about the game and fantasy football with them so they must have been super impressed. They were in the lounge (an area in the restaurant where the bar and televisions are).

3. I was stiffed when I worked Easter. The restaurant was dead and I was stuck working the whole night. A couple came in and ordered an appetizer and two salads. I forgot to put in their appetizer and their salads came out wrong. They were pissed and really they had a right to be because I sucked that night. I was resentful that they made me work a day I typically don't work because it was a holiday and gave people that typically worked that night off, that I was closing (meaning working till the restaurant closed), and that they cut the person next to me who was closing (let someone leave early). They gave me the change, like 12 cents, that was left after I gave them their change from the bill. They also wrote, "you suck" on their receipt.

4. I refused to wait on a customer or table that when I approached the table, you could tell the customer was intoxicated prior to coming into the restaurant and began making inappropriate remarks and comments in an attempt to hit on me. They also…