Essay on Wal-Mart 5 Year Marketing Plan

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Five-Year Strategic Marketing Plan
Wal-Mart Inc.

A Marketing Plan Presented By:
Justin Ravari
Table of Contents
1. Company Description 1 2. Strategic Focus and Plan 2 Mission 2 Goals 2 Competitive Advantage 2 3. Situation Analysis 4 SWOT Analysis 4 Industry Analysis 6 Competitor Analysis 6 Company Analysis 7 Customer Analysis 7 4. Market-Product Focus 8 Marketing and Product Objectives 8 Target Markets 8 Points of Difference 9 Positioning 9 5. Marketing Program 9 Product Strategy 9 Price Strategy 10 Promotion Strategy 10 Place Strategy 11 6. Financial Data and Projections 11 Past Sales Revenues 11 Five-Year
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uality products and services offered at low prices | Safety of the low quality products increases returns | Marketing | The Every Day Low Price campaign is a success for Wal-Mart | Intervenes in smaller communities where they are not wanted because the people don’t want their local smaller stores shut down; people believe they are forcing their stores into areas | Personnel | Excellent workforce with thorough background checks of hired employees | Accused of overworking some employees with little or no pay increase | Finance | Largest US corporation now and since 2000 their revenues have only constantly risen and never fell | The earnings per share ratio is low compared to the industry since they are not earning as much money for each shareholder | Manufacturing | Uses the strategy of cross docking; which is a way for them to constantly deliver goods and services to their warehouses where they are sorted and distributed within a day | Less checkouts lines available for customers to achieve ease of shopping; results in more and more people wanting to shop there | R&D | Continued efforts in R&D to get more involved with communities before opening future sites | Very low researching when locating a future store site |

External Factors | Opportunities | Threats | Consumer/Social | Provides ease of shopping for consumers | Wal-Mart fights back against theft by spending more money of anti-theft devices | Competitive | Since the value of money is