Wal-Mart Ethical Issue Paper

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Ethical Issue in Business (Wal-Mart’s Ethical Controversy)

Michael J. Charley, Deniqua Jackson, Beatina Marshall, Tom Pletzke

University of Phoenix

Instructor: ROBERT OXLEY


Date: May 21, 2008

This paper will obtain information about a researched issue that deals with business ethics. The paper will include a summary of the Article and issue. This paper will also touch on the following topics, what seems to be the basis of the issue, what ethical change, deficiency, or conflict brought it about, and how did the organizational leadership come into play. The paper will conclude by proposing a plan for revising the ethical standards and
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Lowry says it is impossible to remain in her position because Williams is her direct boss. Since the Lowry to find, her own position within the company but do so, within 60 to 90 days. In addition, quoted Lowry may not find a position. “The Wal-Mart’s Company has several issues in the past concerning their ethical behavior.” Therefore, Wal-Mart’s are in question about their ethics within the company. Moreover, Wal-Mart asks for honest of their employees but do not stand behind them. Revealing Lowry named jeopardized her position while working for them. Leaving one of their employees to look for work out side the company, there are scathing attacks for the workplace practices from the union-backed groups WakeupWalMart.com and Wal-Mart Watch. “As well as several politicians including Presidential hopefuls Senator Barrack Obama and Senator John Edwards, Wal-Mart has also taken heat from shareholders as its stock price has stagnated. The organizational leadership came into to play in this article when an administrative assistant by the name of Chalace Epley Lowry in the communications department was asked by the vice- president for corporate communications to make some copies of some papers that she thought might have had something to do with the stocks. The Ethics Office determined that the complaint that was filed by Ms. Lowry had nothing to do with stock trading and there was no