Walmart Promotion And Promotion

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Promotion and Retention

Wal-Mart follows three basic beliefs: Respect for the individual, Service to our customer and Striving for excellence. Service to our customers means, from every associate from the CEO to our hourly associate in local stores, are reminded daily that our customers are why we are here. The goal is to provide the greatest possible level of service to everyone we come in contact with. Service to our customer means making the customer our first priority, supporting the associate so they can best serve the customer and also giving to the local community in ways that connect to the customer. Respect for the individual has been a priority for every associate, customer and member of the community since the very first store opened. This is done by valuing and recognizing the contributions of every associate. We own what we do with a sense of urgency, and empower each other to do the same and communicate by listening to all associates and sharing ideals and information. Finally the key to success is constantly looking for ways to improve ourselves and our business. We strive to lead not just our industry, but also each other to the next level of success. We innovate by trying new ways of doing things and improving every day. We model a positive example as we pursue high expectations and work as a team by helping each other and asking for help. Along those three steps, they also have principles that help associates make the right decisions, and to act with integrity. Those principles are to always act and lead with integrity, and expect others to do the same. Follow the law at all times and be honest and fair. Reveal and report information truthfully, without manipulation or misrepresentation. Work, actions, and relationships outside your position with the company should be free of any conflicts of interest. Respect and encourage diversity, and never discriminate against anyone. Also promptly report suspected violations of the Statement of Ethics.

To work at Wal-Mart you must have counting and math skills and communication and basic writing and reading. May be required to lift, carry, and place items weighing up to fifty pounds. You can be at a minimum 16 to work at Wal-Mart but, in order to run a register that sales tobacco 18 and in order to sale alcohol 19. There