Essay on Wal-Mart and It's Organizational Behavior Issues

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Organizational Behavior
March 30, 2013

This paper will discuss the structure of Wal-Mart's corporate culture and how it influences their employees. In order to understand an Organization Behavior there are different elements that will create the employees perspective of the organization’s culture such as the management’s philosophy, vision, values, and goals. The driving force of these elements will create the culture of the organization. An organization’s culture will define the leadership, and dynamics of the organization. With each element listed the employees of the organization will identify this as work life that will guide their level of motivation. Depending on which level of motivation the employees are at
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The real ridiculous part of this whole hiring equation is how they promote people to become managers or the next level from what they are. Every store has certain quotas to meet each month, and they have to have a certain amount of managers that are women and men. They will find someone that is totally unqualified for the position and throw them in it just to make the quota. They will even place a pregnant person in that position to make a quota. If you decline a job duty, you get demoted from your position. This is a horrible way to conduct a business and is causing many issues as of right now. I can only imagine what it is going to cause as time goes on. Many companies have ethical issues that they tend to not deal with and to simply ignore. These specific companies tend to have issues that get bigger and more difficult to deal with and some even result in involving lawyers and the law. Wal-Mart in particular has so many different ethical issues, but one more relevant to all employees is in their hiring statuses. “For example, a job for a Front-End Supervisor position has been posted, two employees sigh-up for an interview. The first employee called subordinate A, has an M.B.A., fifteen years of experience as a manger in the retail industry, and has been working for Wal-Mart stores Inc., for two years. Subordinate B, has a 9th grade education, no experience in management or retail prior to Wal-Mart, and has been working for