Walden Pond Ecosystem

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My ecosystem is a pond located in Concord,MA.The type of animals that live there are fish,tadpoles,ducks,snapping turtles,pond snails, and 3 spined stickleback fish.There are also some types of plants like water lilies,water-shield,and duckweeds.Some abiotic factors that help the pond survive are water,sunlight,oxygen,soil,and temperature.The most important one is the water because they give the animals and the plants alive.My ecosystem in a nice big pond that is called the Walden Pond.Some examples of cultural,provisioning,regulating, and habitat services are that it is a tourism place and a spiritual experience and and sense of place.It has Provisioning services because my ecosystem provides food,raw material, and fresh water.The regulating services are that the pond has a Wastewater Treatment.Lastly my ecosystem provides habitat services because there …show more content…
Some resources that our ecosystem provides us in benefits of economy is fish,wood,paper,and other things that you can make out of the ecosystems materials.This pond coud help a human survive because it has everything a human would need to survive because it has water,food,and enough resources to create a place to