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September 26, 2013
Walk With Me Once upon a time, there was a young woman. This young woman was unsure the type of person she was. This young woman is me. I live in a time where most people my age are always with some form of electronic. They are texting on their cell phones, or playing video games, or worst of all, on a social networking site. I have my cell phone with me, and I admit that I utilize the potential of the phone, but I don’t need the cell phone to live. Most people my age would tell you they couldn’t live without their phone. I say go ahead and take mine. Anyone who needs their electronics is a modern person, but I am not a modern person. The cell phone and texting is a very modern concept. Everyone who grew up with cell phones know how to text. They never have their phone out of their hands. They text while they are driving. They text while they are eating. They even text while they are in the bathroom. Not only are cell phones used for texting, but also they are used for video games and reading. If you have an iPhone, you know that there is “an app for that”. There is an app for everything. They have dating apps, information apps, news apps, game apps, horoscope apps, and social networking apps. Who needs book when there is the Nook app for the phone? People my age can’t live without their phones, but if you took my phone, I would be fine. I know how to live without needing to update my status on Facebook or tweet what I am doing. I know how to play card games without needing an app. Sure, the apps are quick and take less time than looking something up in the library, but what is the fun is fast and easy? Video gaming is a very interesting topic. There are so many types of games for different game systems. There is Wii, Xbox, PlayStation, the DS and PC games. Each of these systems has several kinds also. They keep coming out with newer “better” more expensive systems and games. They have action games, puzzle games, virtual reality games, and so many more. I have never understood the pull of playing video games. I was always the girl outside reading a book instead of inside rotting my brain with a video game. People these days don’t enjoy outside. Growing up I was grounded to outside if I did anything wrong. Now kids are grounded to their room, where they have TV, game systems, iPads, stereos, and a computer. Where is the punishment? Grounding a kid to their room is like saying “you play too many video games go to your room and play some more as a punishment.” Seriously,