Essay on Walking and Different Way

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I just got out of the movies and I’m walking home. The road I was going by was brutally closed off by a horrifying car wreck. the car wreck made a road block that looked impassible. Also some stuff was on fire I could smell the gasoline filled air. I was sure it could ignite everything at any second. So I decided to go and find a different way. I know that there was a cemetery not too far back that I think I could cut through. Although creeped out by the car wreck, not because it was there but that everything was so quiet nothing moved and no police or ambulances were at the site. By the time I got to the cemetery it’s almost midnight but the full moon was lighting enough for me to see how to get there. While walking I noticed the air got much more cold and humid, it was somewhat overcast. when I got to the cemetery, only 20 minutes walk from the wreck, the smell was coming from the cemetery it was smell of rotting flesh and that old musty smell that you can smell in a basement of an old house. It looked just like a haunted house except that it was kind of like summer. I start the long walk through the cemetery. I walked and saw some of the graves had been dug up, or so it seemed at least. So I decided to go and see one of them to see what's going on. I thought maybe someone looted the graves and took advantage of the roadblock situation. I look into the deep dark hole and i cannot see into it for it is too dark and shadowy. I decide to use my flashlight app and i shine it