Essay about Walking and Narrative Practice Slowly

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Narrative Practice

Slowly but surely, I began to walk up the steep stairs in the old squeaky house. I held onto the long, dark, wooden rail that ran up along the side of the wall so that I wouldn’t fall through. A mass amount dust particles hit my face as I climbed the top of the stairs, causing me to sneeze. I tumble down the stairs fast and hard, hitting my head and back on the steep steps causing me to black out.

Lying on the ground, back to floor, I began to open my eyes and look around to see what had happened to me. I look to my left, nothing different, I look to my right, nothing different, and I look in front of me only to see an old ass telephone sitting on the front step. I think to myself “how in the hell did this phone get here?” The phone was black and had a square base bottom that curves up almost like the Eiffel Tower; it was numbered from 1-9 with an additional 0 on the left side. Terribly shaken up and confused, I slowly got up from the floor and began to turn around to walk out of the house when all of a sudden the phone rings. It was a very strong ear piercing sound; it was loud, so loud that you could not hear anything else. It was very unpleasant. It scared me. It made me jump.

Looking back at the phone that is jumping from its loud ringing, I think to myself “should I or should I not answer it?” Standing in fear, contemplating with myself, several minutes go by and the phone suddenly stops ringing.

I turn back around only to see a girl standing directly in front of me wearing a beautiful white gown that was covered in dark red goo, it looked like blood. It was ruined. It smelled like shit. It smelled worse than that one time Uncle Earl found a week old sardine in his fat rolls, while looking for the remote. Who was she? What happened to her? So many questions were running through my head, when she finally said to me:

“H-h- hi” I said,
She said nothing.
“How did you get here?”
“Who are you?”
“Are you ok?”
I asked her question after question, and she said nothing. Nothing at all. She just stared. It was a deep hypnotizing stare that made my skin feel like it was peeling