Walking and Night Essay examples

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Chase King Mrs. Heimes Adv. Comp. 19 April 2013

Nightlife is just a completely different experience than there is in the daytime. Everyone is normally younger, all of the people you dislike are most likely sleeping so there is a very slim chance you’d see them. Being awake at night is just a joyful experience and I enjoy it so much more than I do daytime. Some things I enjoy doing at night are going on car rides, walking around downtown, and bon fires. Something I enjoy doing in the night is going on car rides. I’ve always enjoyed driving around at nighttime because there are barely any cars. Middle of the night car rides are the best when its summer because everything is still warm. My friends and me used to sneak out in the summer and drive around in rich neighborhoods looking at all the huge houses. There is some sort of peaceful feeling that happens when you’re riding in the car in the middle of the night. I love it when the music is all the way up and everyone is just dancing in the car. When my friends and me snuck out during the summer months we wouldn’t just drive around, we also parked our car in a parking garage downtown and walked around downtown. There was just some sort of excitement when we walked around downtown. There was also a thrill when we would walk by the homeless people and then they would wake up and then we would run away because we got scared they were going to hurt us. But also it was just nice to walk around the Haymarket and see what happens every night while the rest of the city sleeps. Something else that is enjoyable doing at night is going to bon fires. These things often times are an all night thing and wont end until the sun