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John Smith
Walking Around It was a holiday and I decided to wake up early in order not to become lazy. I have to get early each work day, because I am a cadet. I woke up at 5 in the morning, I looked throw the window, I could notice that it was still dark. Furthermore, I could see only few stars in the sky.
Even though, it was very cold and snowing, I got dressed and I decided to go to the beautiful lake that is above in my village. When I was a child the lake was the place where I spent the time when I felt sad. When I got out, the air was fresh and I went to take my dog and together we started to walk in the street. It was very quiet in there and we did not see anyone in this cold morning. We continued walking, it was still snowing, but now the day was enlightened and I could see the houses and the streets more clearly. Walking around I heard the wind that created a strange sound, which scared my dog that was walking nearby me and so we continued our trip together. It continued snowing and the view was very fetching. It remembered me the time when I was a child and together with my grandfather walked in this street. He used to tell me interesting and important events for our historical background. He also inspired me to learn and study much and in the future to have the opportunity to help the people around me and my country also. In that time I was thinking that I am going in that way in which my grandfather wanted to see me, though it is very early to be determined, but being a cadet, I thought that in the future I could help the people around me and also serve my country. The street yet was very quiet and I continued further to think for my childhood. In that period of time I was very happy and more often I have done more unusual activities and games, and when I remained that I would be astonished. Also I was thinking for my career and my future, but suddenly I heard the sound of birds and they were the first birds that I have seen until in that moment. Birds were flying and singing above us covering the distance faster than me and my dog and went deeper in the wood. I was walking with my dog and playing with my dog at the same time. In one moment I felt cold because the snow did not stop, and I begun to run and my dog came behind me, and I were running, when I saw in the front of me one elder who was walking too. After I arrived him, we begun to speak with each other and he started to tell me more interesting moments that he experienced and also he told me jokes for the time when he was a youngster. He was a writer and more often he walked in the nature in the morning, because the beautiful nature inspired him for writing his books. Also we were talking for the processes that happened and development of the nature. We walked and walked for a long time in fresh air that freshened us too, and he said:” Though I am old men, I am very healthy, because I walk early in the morning almost every day and the fresh air and the nature helped me to be a healthy person.” I agree with him, because in the campus I wake up early and train, and this make me feel better than before. After a long time that we walked under the grey sky we greeted each other. I went ahead in the street on the lake, but now I felt better than when I woke up, because until that moment I saw beautiful things and the fresh air helped me to walk away. After a long distance that I and my dog walked and more different events that happened during the street, we arrived in the beautiful and small lake. The lake has a good view and is more fetching for everybody that visits it. I have visited the lake more often and I enjoyed because when I saw the lake, I remembered more events that are coherent with my background.
We were draw near the lake and suddenly I listened the voices of my dog, he was scared, because he has seen one little snake. I hurried up to help my dog because he is a loyal dog and I spend a lot of time with him. I got off the hook my