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Walking dead short write

The article “walking dead”: still a white patriarchy explains the problems with racism and sexism in the show “Walking dead.” It’s first example is the child in the show named Carl. Throughout the seasons we see Carl grow and now being a mere teenager he posses some of the most authority in the group. This is because unlike the older women in the group he is a male and not a female.
That was just one example of how the show has become increasingly sexist. The women in walking dead are allowed to protect the group and are not viewed as completely vulnerable but they are not consulted about major decisions with the group and are usually left out of the conversations completely.
The show has been blind to the matters of how they show race. Many of the black male characters have interchangeable and not big roles. They also show the Asian American male in a very emasculating role beating himself up for not being able to protect his wife, which makes him seem powerless and weak. While the black women in the show is depicted as strong and almost animal like. She represents many stereotypes about black women such as they “castrate” there males.
The show continues to do various things, like make women who we thought were powerful seem less powerful by attempting to sleep with certain males to gain more power. It can also be argues that the show is trying to have a certain amount of African Americans in it. When it introduces one to the show a…