Walking the Path of Life Essay

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Walking the Path of Life with the Lord

The Old Man in the Sea is written by Ernest Hemingway and is a story about a

fisherman’s personal journey of pride. Santiago is on a personal journey to catch the big

one. He faces many challenges and hardships throughout his journey that tests him not

only physically but mentally as well. These challenges bring him close to death on

several occasions but his faith stays strong and he pulls through each time. Santiago

portrays a Jesus like figure in the novel. In Old Man in the Sea, Hemingway uses many

allusions to Christ and the cross.

The first reference to Christ is when Santiago’s hands was hurt. Santiago is

trying to hang on for dear life to the marlin that is hooked. His hands get cut badly in

the process. This is a symbolic image of the wound that Jesus got when he was being

nailed to the cross. The strength he shows comes from within himself. Santiago says

“Ay” out loud. “There is no translation for this word and perhaps it is just a noise such as

a man might make involuntarily, feeling the nail go through his hands into the wood”

(107). This reference shows Santiago’s suffering and pain. Santiago is an unwavering

fisherman. He shows great strength and determination to catch this marlin even if it takes

his life.

Another reference to Christ is when Santiago returns from his journey and reaches

land. Santiago is exhausted and tries to climb the hill to his shack while carrying the

mast. Santiago stumbles many times on his climb. Santiago’s quote a symbolic image of

Jesus as he carries the cross. “He starts to climb again and at the top he fell and lay there

for sometime with the mast across his shoulders” (121). This reference shows that

Santiago is determined to make it back to his shack so he can rest and see the people

that are important to him. He continues to be challenged physically and mentally.

Santiago is a man of his word because his stories are always the truth never made up.

The next reference to Christ is when Santiago finally makes it to his bed and

collapses. Santiago finally gets to rest from his long treacherous journey. “He pulls