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Case: Texas Roadhouse Wont Scrimp on making Employees Happy

Lisa Mitchell

HRM500HR Management Foundation


December 02, 2012

“If we take care of our employees, they will take care of our customers” is a common phrase. In your experience, is it actually practiced or is it just a cliché on the wall? Discuss the implications of your answer.
The above phrase holds true in today’s competitive society and is actually practiced, where the focus is on the customer. The phrase is very much applicable for the service-oriented companies, where employees play a huge role in the success of the company. It is believed that employee job satisfaction is directly related to customer satisfaction. Management should make decisions and develop measures to increase the motivation of its employees to serve their customers better. Employee’s can increase the service quality through five important dimensions, namely, discussed as below:
Reliability: The ability of the employees to deliver the promised service to the customer, in promised time and error free transactions, would increase the customer base and boost sales.
Assurance: The politeness, knowledge and courtesy of the employees towards customers, in dealing with the products sales and after-sales service, will builds a huge amount of trust and confidence.
Tangibles: The personality and well-dressed attire of employees, attractive and simple facilities, that are easy to understand, attracts the customers’ base. Empathy: In today’s society, customers demand caring and individual attention from the company’s employees, hence personal attention provided to each customer helps in increasing the brand value and hence increase sales.
Responsiveness: The ability and willingness of the employees to solve the queries of the customers, is an important aspect of service quality, which the customer demands.
Texas Roadhouse uses money as a motivator for employees. In today’s economy, describe alternative methods that could be used to motivate their employees.
is the most influential aspect in current economic scenario. This is the main reason the Texas Roadhouse used money as the motivator for their employees and if it worked they could achieve 2/3 compared to the previous turnover. They can also use various methods to motivate their employees apart from the monetary conditions. Such as:
1. Training & Development: Training and development is very much required to motivate the employees in a 360 degree aspect. Training provides the overall growth to the employees and this result in the strong commitment towards the mission and vision of the organization.
2. Functional Conflict: Management can also use functional conflict among the employees to make the employees more effective and competitive in respect to their colleagues. This helps in getting motivated towards the work.
3. Awards and recognition: There can be further ways of motivation for employees such as awards and the certificate of recognition. This will further help the employees to get motivated and appreciated. This could be a great and influential concept to motivate the employees. This is a kind of long run benefit for the employees rather than looking for the short run and monetary factor. These are the various methods that can also be used for the purpose of employee’s motivation and that will again be helpful for the Texas Roadhouse to make an improved employee’s considerations. Even these methods will have add-on benefits from employee point of view and management point of view. This will further help in long term benefit and competitive advantage to the employee and the organization.
Analyze how transferable is the Texas Roadhouse way of motivating employees in other organizations.
Texas Roadhouse restaurant has believed in the slogan “If we take care of our