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Wall Street Journal Commentary

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Kevin Bransfield

Rohwedder, Cecilie. (Febuary 26th, 2014). The Wall Street Journal, “The Power of Mother- Daughter Shopping at Any Age”, p. D1.
The Wall Street Journal article explains how mother and daughters of a younger age are beginning to bond over shopping. The article goes into detail about how retailers are able to satisfy both the parents and children’s retail needs. The author illustrates that this is possible today, because celebrity news and fashion has begun to transform how children shop. The Wall Street Journal article also expresses that mothers today spend more time chopping with their daughters than by themselves. The author also conveys that not only are celebrity’s influencing how children shop but also various social networking sites. In conclusion the article delves into how large companies are now marketing mother-daughter shopping days through various media outlets. In Chapter 5, on page 166, it explains how American’s are viewed from other countries. On this page it lists a quote from Albert Einstein where he articulates that the way that American’s view certain individuals is unjustified. The Wall Street Journal article supports Einstein’s view that American’s put individuals on a pedestal, by explaining how young children are now forming fashion views based on celebrities. On page 172, Cavanaugh illustrates how individualism is a dominant American value. He also states that “These values are a part of our direct experience and hence our vocabulary; they affect work attitudes and entire life styles.” (Cavanaugh, 2009, pg. 172). The author of this article supports his opinion of individualism affecting individual’s entire lifestyles, by illustrating that daughters and mothers bonding over shopping for clothing items. The article