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Yellow wallpaper essay The narrator is a victim in that she lives in a society where men are supposed to control everything. They are the money makers, they are the people who make all decisions, and they are the controllers and repressors of women. During this time period, it can be said that a women had to get married, because they couldn’t live alone, find a high paying job to support themselves, or basing everything on a man’s opinion, think for themselves. They were given an allowance and told whether they could read or write because in society’s eyes, men were the kings who ruled with no objections. The narrator of this story is no different. She has to hide the fact that she’s writing a journal, or that she reads from her husband because he doesn’t want her to do either. She couldn’t even have a say on what she should do for her recovery. Her brother and husband decided she needed the rest cure instead of letting her join society, and she got it, but at the cost of her sanity. She couldn’t even divorce her husband, because she was middle class women who didn’t work, just stayed home taking care of the house, and anything she had before she was married became his. Also she would be looked at as stupid and unfavorably by both men and women who follow the rules of society, and believe women should just do what she is told, be where she is supposed to be, and just be a domesticated wife. An example of the control being shoved on her, that also can bend her will is when…