Wallstreet: A Short Story

Words: 1106
Pages: 5

Cindy had pulled it off. Her plan: to take money from a drug deal happening at the strip club next to their work. This guy, Wallstreet, hailed from the Central City projects, was known to rape and kill anyone who stole from him — man or woman. James knew this, so did Cindy, certainly.

Weeks had gone by since James and Cindy were together and the previous week she’d made a visit, uninvited. They had first met the previous year at work. Cindy explained that if she took the money no one would suspect her. Wallstreet would blame one of the two strippers that worked the day-shift. James had to act normal, be patient and meet up with her two days later, but not before. She’d tossed her hair, “Leave together in 48 hours. $20,000 in assorted bills,” she said. Cindy explained she had a dog and a cat and a pickup truck to leave town.
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I’m at my brink. The therapist I’ve been seeing didn’t help anything, and rehab is out of the question. I’m going to take this gift and leave.”

“Gift?” Paul lived in the same building. The red-leather pack was sitting on the green couch. “What if ‘the family’ from Mississippi send people after you, she might phone them?” Paul always dressed androgynously — slender as the violin he played — the clothes he wore blended with the chair he sat in. “So sudden? Where’ ya going?” Paul looked away from the view of the outside, turned to look at James, and smiled. Paul was acting as if James was bluffing. “Don’t get involved, that’s majorly fucked-up trouble, that person is definitely a fuck-up, stay away.”

“Look I have the bag of