Walmart, Amazon, and Ebay: Who Will Dominate Internet Retailing? Essay examples

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CHAPTER 9 Review Question Assignment

1a Name and describe four business trends shaping e-commerce today.

There are many different business trends shaping e-commerce today. For one, ecommerce remains the fastest growing form of commerce when compared to physical retain store, services, and entertainment. Another trend is that the online demographics of shoppers broaden to match those of ordinary shoppers. Also, small businesses and entrepreneurs continue to flood through the e-commerce marketplace, often riding on the infrastructures created by industry giants and increasingly taking advantage of cloud-based computing resources. Lastly, pure e-commerce business models are refined further to achieve higher levels of profitability,
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The social graph is a map of all significant online social relationships, comparable to a social network describing offline relationships. It is a small world that links people more tightly than they think. Overall, marking with social media is still in early stages and companies are experimenting in hopes of finding a winning formula. It is used to shape social networks, connecting people all over the world to businesses.

4 Explain how Internet technology supports business-to-business electronic commerce.

Internet technology supports business to business electronic commerce because it has potential to have trillions of dollars released for more productive uses, consumer prices would fall potentially, productivity would increase, and the economic wealth of the nation would expand. Business to business e-commerce refers to the commercial transactions that occur among business firms which flow through a variety of different Internet-enabled mechanisms. Transactions are automatically transmitted through networks, eliminating the printing and handling of paper.

5a List and describe important types of e-commerce services and applications.

There are many important types of e-commerce services and applications. Location based services is built with a GPS and compass that can identify your precise location and where the phone is pointed. It can put adds on a website based on a person’s location and can allow business to market