Essay about Walmart Business Analysis

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Wal-Mart Business Analysis
For the final group project we chose to complete a management analysis on Wal-Mart. Covered in this paper are the issues of productivity, hiring practices, corporate social responsibility and culture, diversity and affirmative action, the use of information technology, leadership, teamwork, and managing ethics.
Productivity is very important to any successful business. Wal-Mart has increased its productivity through many different advances. Business analysts have long admired Wal-Mart's logistics management, even though the public recognizes them for their low discounted prices. Wal-Mart has always been resourceful at moving and stocking goods, building its stores as branches around distribution center hubs.
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Setting forth the company cheer set the way corporate culture is today in Wal-Mart stores across the nation. "Though it's not unique for a company to want satisfied and engaged workers, these companies believe that their corporate culture yields tangible bottom-line results" (CIO, 1999). Employees enjoy a few perks here and there to keep moral above water, but benefits should not be confused with the culture of the company (CIO, 1999). According to Frederick F. Reichheld, "a telltale sign of an effective culture is loyalty, the percentage of employees and customers who stay with the company" (CIO, 1999). Corporate cultures are not one size fits all; the effectiveness of a given culture depends on the company's business goals (CIO, 1999). Robert Goffee, co-author of "The Character of a Corporation: How Your Company's Culture Can Make or Break Your Business" said "there is no right culture" (CIO, 1999).
Diversity and affirmative action are very important to maintaining a positive working environment. Wal-Mart employ's both men and women in its daily operations and pride's themselves as being one of the largest retailers to apply diversity throughout its workforce. They continually insist what a great job they do in diversifying its workforce but when you visit any one of its stores, this is not apparent. Women employed by Wal-Mart fill the vast number of lower level job