Business, What Requirements Does The Law Place On Employes?

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1. What are health insurance exchanges?
It also called Health Insurance Marketplace, is an online associations established to assist purchasing a health insurance or look for a batter or cheaper health insurance. It searches for health insurance based on the person health income and it allows comparing the options.
The health insurance exchange organization is based on Obama Care (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act), it is run by the state or federal government since it is state-based. Marketplaces goal is to make sure that every citizen had health insurance and to provide purchase federally regulated health care plans.
2. How will the law affect business? Specifically, what requirements does the law place on employers?
The law required the employers to provide health insurance to their employee or to pay Employer Shared Responsibility Payment to the employees. The businesses get the benefit of Tax credit; that will help them pay the health insurance coverage. The employee will have the benefit of having a health insurance.
3. What is a public option? Why is it controversial? What role does the public option currently play in healthcare reform?
Public option is a government insurance plan; that provide lower insurance cost and same quality health care to the individuals who pay to get insurance ,and to the small business who pay insurance to their employee. Public option purpose is to create health insurance competitive with the privet health insurance either to force the privet health insurance to lower their prices or to make the public option the wildly used insurance.
Some people see the public option as unfair because patients will get the same care while doctors and other staff member will get paid less.