Walt Disney; An American Motion Picture Essay

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Walt Disney

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Walt Disney was an American motion picture and television producer and showman . Walt Disney is famous as a pioneer of cartoon film and as the creator of
Disneyland .He started out in Hollywood with $40 and a sketch book and built a multi-billion dollar empire which came to symbolise family entertainment. From Mickey
Mouse to world domination.
Walt Disney’s full name is Walter Elias Disney . walt was born on December 5 of 1901 in Chicago , Illinois . He died on December 15 of
1966 in Burbank California , at the age of 65 .“ Laughter is America's most important export “ was Walt Disney’s famous quote .Walt Disney’s occupation was entrepreneur .
Walt Disney lived most of his live childhood in Marceline Missouri, where he began drawing painting and selling pictures to neighbors and friends .Disney attend
Mc Kinley High School in Chicago where he took drawing and photography classes and was a contribute cartoonist for the school paper . When Disney was 16, he dropped out of school to join the army but was rejected for being underage . So he join the Red Cross and was sent to France .In 1919 he returned to Kansas City to pursue a career as a newspaper artist .Disney worked at the Kansas City Film Ad
Company . Walt and Harman mode a deal with a local Kansas City theater to screen their cartoons ,which they called “Laugh-o-Grams” . the cartoon was a huge success and Disney was able to acquire his own studio which he called
“Laugh-o-Grams “ .He did a series of seven minutes fairy tales that combined both lived action and animation which he called “Alicie in Cartoon Land ” . By 1923,the studio had become burdned with debt , and Disney was forced to declared bankruptcy . Disney and his brother , Roy soon pooled their money and moved to
Hollywood . Iwerk also relocated to California , and there the three began the
Disney Brother’s Studio . Their first deal was with New York distributor
Margaret Winkler , to distribute their “Alice” cartoons . thry also invented a character called “Oswarld the Lucky Rabbit” and contracted the shorts at $ 1,500 each .

In 1925 , Disney hired an ink-and-painted artist named Lillian Bound , the couple married . A few years later , Disney discovered that Winkler and her husband ,
Charles Mintz , had stolen the right to “Oswald” , along with all of Disney animators except for Iwerks . Right away the DIsney brother , their wives and iwerks produced 3 cartoons fearturing a new character Walt had been developing called “Mickey Mouse”. The first animated short featuring Mickey were “ Plane
Crazy” and “The Gallopin’ Gaucho”both silent films for which they failed to find distribution . When sound made its way into films , Disney vreated a third sound and music equipped short called “Steam Boat Willie” . With Walt as the voice of
Mickey Mouse the cartoon was an instant sensation .
In 1929 , Disney created “Silly Symphonies” which featured Mickey’s newly created friends , including Minnie Mouse ,Donald Duck , Goofy and Pluto . One of the most popular cartoons, “Flower and Trees “ was the first to be produced in color and to win an Oscar . In 1933, “The Three Little Pigs” and its title song
“Who afraid of the Big Bad Wolf ?” became a theme for the country in the midst of the Great Depression . On December 21, 1937, Snow White and the Seven
Dwarfs, the first full-length animated film, premiered in Los Angeles. It produced an unimaginable $1.499 million, in spite of the Depression, and won a total of eight
Oscars. During the next five years, Walt Disney Studios completed another string of full-length animated films, Pinocchio, Fantasia, Dumbo and Bambi.
In December 1939, a new campus for Walt Disney Studio was opened in
Burbank . A setback for the company occurred in 1941 , however when there was a strike by Disney animations .Many of them resigned and it would be years before the company fully recovered . during the