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Disney World: The Unhappiest Place on Earth Walt Disney World is often called the “Happiest place on Earth”, when in reality it may be one of the most miserable and regrettable locations anyone will ever waste hi or her days at. A vacation to Disney World is exciting and special to young children, but what about adults and adolescents? For them, it’s less of a paradise and more of a money and time-consuming tourist trap that will leave wallets empty and people exhausted. The truth, like it or not, is that Disney World is simply not as fun as we once thought as young children. It’s no secret that Disney World is expensive, and in a severe way. A small family of four will end up spending above three thousand dollars for only a few days at the parks, and that’s just the admission fee. After the initial hefty wad of cash the vacationers fork over, the parks are filled with countless overpriced restaurants and souvenir stores. The souvenirs shops on practically every corner will have any small child longing to own some tacky overpriced toy or princess dress he or she will forget about within a month’s time. After a long day of going on rides and walking tirelessly through the overcrowded streets, most families would be quite hungry. Ever so conveniently, there’s always a cute little theme restaurant nearby; although the charm of dining with singing characters quickly fades when those dining see how much a meal costs. If all the large expenses are affordable for a family, Disney World may just be a decent vacation spot. That is, if that family can tolerate the uncomfortably irritating weather and humidity of Florida. Orlando, Florida is a place of irritatingly humid summers and chilly winters, which just so happen to be the most popular seasons for people to flock to this location. Taking the family to Disney World is a unique (although not exactly original) way to spend the summer or Christmas. This being, of course, that the people traveling here don't mind wasting away their days sweating or shivering in overcrowded lines while the weather constantly pesters them. In the summer, people should expect to receive a sunburn after being out in the sun for long periods of time. If a tourist were to be like me, and have extremely sensitive skin, this could not only give that tourist an annoying burn, but possibly damage his or her skin permanently (this being biased towards the summer time). Even if skin or health isn't a big deal for some when it comes to long term exposure, tourists are most likely to be in a state of major discomfort, and not just from the weather either. Besides weather, there is an abundance