Walt Disney Stock Research Paper

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We invested in over 12 stocks, some of them gained us money, some lost us money. One of the stocks we invested in was Disney. Disney operates mainly in entertainment, such as movies, TV shows, amusement parks, and cruise lines. This corporation is in the news often, usually they are in the news for how much money they are making or for a new movie that they are releasing. The news is almost always positive and very rarely negative. We were interesting in this stock because we all like Disney and we knew how much money they make on a daily basis. We knew that investing in Disney could benefit us in many ways. When we purchased the stock we paid $104.44 per share, we bought 20 shares and paid a total of $2,088.08. The Walt Disney Corporation offers common stock. Looking back at it now we should have purchased more shares when we did, we bought the amount that we did because we thought it was a good number to purchase. We did not sell any of our Disney shares. We didn’t sell any shares because we would have lost money. We should …show more content…
This company has most recently been in the news for oil bankruptcies. One of my group members found this stock and researched it, they then told the rest of us about it, I quickly realized that they would be a good company to invest in because of the rising value of their shares. When purchased the shares we paid $0.11 and bought 5,000 shares. Linn Energy offers common stock. We bought 5,000 shares because the price was so low and the shares are increasing in value. We have not sold any of our shares yet, but the value keeps increasing so I think we will sell some of our shares soon. We want them to get as high in value as possible. This corporation is a very good investment. In the time since we have purchased the shares we have had a profit gain of 33.9% and a profit gain of $190.00. Purchasing shares from this company was a great