Walt Disney Value Chain Analysis Essay

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Megan Beabout
MGMT4009- Online
7 April 2013
Value Chain Analysis By conducting a value chain analysis for Walt Disney Company, I will be able to accurately show the “parts of its operations that create value, and those that don’t” (Hitt, Ireland, and Hoskisson, 87). The value chain is segmented into two categories: support functions and value chain activities. Support functions include finance, human resources, and management information systems which “support the work being done to produce, sell, distribute, and service the products [Walt Disney] is creating” (Hitt, Ireland, and Hoskisson, 87). Value chain activities include supply chain management, operations, distribution, marketing, and follow-up services, which Walt Disney
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Walt Disney offers a return of funds if consumer is dissatisfied with products or services, and a prior agreement cannot be reached. xxvii. Walt Disney has a satisfaction telephone hotline and encourages consumers to report product and service complaints. xxviii. Employees are regularly given a satisfaction survey to maintain and improve employee relationships and retention. xxix. Hotels, theme parks, restaurants, and retail stores offer customer surveys to evaluate overall customer satisfaction. III. Internal Strengths i. The Walt Disney brand is one of the most widely recognized names in all of entertainment, especially through marketing and their ability to offer high-quality products at a relatively low cost. j. Through human resource strategies, Walt Disney has developed intangible resources competitors can not duplicate. Examples of Disney’s intangible resources include their employees who develop characters and story lines, products related to characters, and the integration of new and old characters in parks and cruise lines. k. Walt Disney uses unique management and marketing strategies in their implantation of products and services, internationally, while keeping in sync with specific values in each country. l. Due to the incorporation of all value and support activities, Disney has earned adequate financial capital in comparison to their competitors. m. Walt Disney offers unique follow up