Walt Disney World Persuasive Speech

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Screams fill the air as you see your son rip the Barbie doll out of your daughter’s

hands! Your spouse runs up to break up the fight. For five minutes, you wrestle your children.

Finally, you tear them apart and rest on the couch, but hear screams again! Time for a vacation

don’t you think? Relieve all your stress while your kids have fun! The two Happiest Places on

Earth, but which one?

You will have to know how much area you have to cover to get the best of your

vacation. Walt Disney World covers a whopping 43 square miles. Disney World is roughly about

as big as San Francisco. Disney World has 4 theme parks and 2 water parks (Dayao). Disney

World contains 34 hotels, 24 of which are Disney operated. Disney World has 141 attractions